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Patient Testimonials


When looking for a healthcare professional, you want someone with knowledge, experience and the confidence to execute a treatment plan. Dr. Adriane Cook provides these core qualities for me. Even more important, she provides interpersonal relational skills such as likeability, security and trust. There are people you meet in your life who fit and feel right in a particular role; Dr. Cook fits in the service of my healthcare needs. I am confident in her enough to refer my own patients, and I do, regularly.  Thanks for playing a crucial role in my healthcare!

My head is so much more clear, my energy level felt like it picked up which is nice - still tired, but can function. My sleep has gotten a ton better. I had met with my therapist right before our appt, and she prescribed lorazepam for sleep - I haven't taken it, since I wanted to see how I felt with what you prescribed - and my sleep has improved dramatically. Not sure if it's the meds or the fact, something is actually wrong and my anxiety is down from that. I'm so excited to keep the trajectory going up. If I could hug you, I would. I have seriously been complaining for years about my fatigue and brain fog, and chalked it up to adulting. 

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's in 2001 and have seen 10 + doctors (allopathic and naturopathic) over the last 19 years. Not until I started working with Dr. Cook did I feel like I was working with someone who truly understood the disease well enough to first order the right tests (blood work) and then read the tests to prescribe the appropriate prescription. Have never felt better and I even look better. Hair and skin is healthier! I highly recommend Dr. Cook.

Dr. Cook has been an advocate for my health since our first visit several years ago. Like no other professional I've encountered she has relentlessly helped me to identify options for hormonal health and pituitary issues that have plagued me for various reasons over the years.  We have assessed both my history of obesity in my younger years and also my current ultra distance running routines. Dr. Cook pursues root causes to my issues and helps me develop wellness targets and plans. I am deeply grateful for my experiences with Dr Cook and highly recommend her for issues pertaining to hormonal imbalance and thyroid disorders.

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