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As the last post seemed like I was doing this for everyone else, I realized that this new direction is claiming who I am and this move to private practice is one of my first decisions in reclaiming myself and my own identity. Other big life changes and events seemed to be driven by family, partners, kids, etc. This time, I am doing this for myself. I did not create a new brand name office title, I am who I am which is why I chose my name as my business name. This process has been transformational and I was not expecting it be so much work, that there would be feelings of grief and loss, and that the transition would be as difficult as it has been for me. Out of this hardship, it has been a transformative journey that has been restorative, a time of healing and self reflection, and a time to regain focus.

I have a few more things to do this week before seeing patients, but eventually I just need to open my doors. Schedule is up and already have patients scheduled for September! I am in network with Regence and Premera/Lifewise. Lab kits are coming in this week. It is coming together. Hope to see you soon!

In Health,

Dr. Adrianne Cook

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